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Welcome to Thunderbird Lanes!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our bowling center and give you a glimpse into what bowling can do for you and your children.

Bowling is one of the few activities considered a “lifetime” sport. Everyone can bowl, all ages (3 and up), all skill levels and no one sits on the bench! Bowling is also a social activity which allows children and parents to interact.

Why Bowling?
•There are no size or strength limitations, our locations is handicap friendly with special handicap ramps for bowling balls. Lightweight bowling balls and smaller toddler size rental shoes are available.
•Bowling is a family oriented activity. Parents and children can bowl on the same lane. We have “bumpers” in the lanes to help little ones keep the ball on the lane to help build self confidence.
•Bowling can be either a social activity or a competitive sport, teaching hand eye coordination and good sportsmanship.
•Bowling can be either a team sport or an individual sport.
•Keeping score in bowling reinforces math concepts.
•Bowling is FUN!

Did you know that bowling is a great weight bearing exercise? You use 134 different muscles during the basic movements involved in bowling! Bowling (3) three (10) ten frame games is equivalent to walking an entire mile. The average amount of calories burnt in an hour of bowling is 240! How about bowling for your child’s physical education class? Thunderbird Lanes can offer time with or without instructions.

Please contact us if you would like more information or to set up a Home & School Bowling program. Thank you for your consideration!

(215) 464-7171 Ask for Gail or Scott